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OMTI Sales Training

OMTI Sales Training is intended to revitalize and improve the communication abilities of your sales team. It is designed for those organizations and companies who want a new and exciting approach to increase productivity and sales. Through our powerful techniques your staff will develop a deeper awareness of the importance for effective communications and their ability to secure new appointments, clients and bigger sales.

Our training program is designed to cover the entire art and science of communication in a short amount of time for today’s busy sales representatives and executives. In addition to exploring the mechanical aspects of the sales cycle such as prospecting, presentations, the close etc. we will also study concepts from Eastern philosophy to energy production and how it applies in the modern business world. These skills will give your sales staff the ability and enthusiasm to separate them from the rest. They will be amazed at how their new reality on communication will exponentially increase their ability to sell a product or service and enhance customer/client relationships.

OMTI – Business Ethics Training

We are by all accounts in a crisis of ethics both in the corporate world and the world at large. Many have a misunderstanding of the true meaning of ethics, often times equating it to morals or a specific code of conduct. This is not the case. However, when an individual or group is aligned fully with their purpose the two topics often intersect.

The purpose of this training is to educate businesses and their staff on the true nature of ethics and how it can be applied with powerful results. We address the following topics clearly and precisely to assist individuals, managers and executives implement a more meaningful ethical code in their businesses, organizations and personal lives:

  • What is ethics?
  • What is the difference between ethics and morals?
  • How does an individual or an organization become more ethical?
  • What is the primary stumbling block to crating an ethical organization?
  • How the application of ethics can enhance your business and personal life.  
  • How ethics, authenticity and values are interrelated and compliment each other.
  • The power of Zen and the value of truth in the workplace. 

The more ethical a business or organization is, the more productive, creative, and happy the individuals comprising the organization will be.

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